Fine art photography and artworks from East Asian artists

Meet the Artist

Kejie Lin


Kejie Lin is a professional painter, landscape photographer, and experienced landscape architect. She studied under the renowned Chinese Gongbi painter Hui Yu and has twice received the highest award at China's national painting exhibitions for her artwork.

Kejie's paintings primarily use traditional Gongbi materials as the main medium, featuring floral and plant themes as the main subjects. She aims to express the artistic conception of her work without limiting to any specific painting technique. Her art pieces have shown both the elegant style of traditional Gongbi painting and the contemporary aesthetic. With complex and beautiful scenes that draw inspiration from her work in landscape design, her artwork depicts the beautiful gardens and scenery of different regions.

As a landscape photographer, Kejie travels around the world to capture the diverse and stunning moments, featuring the natural scenery of high-altitude areas.

Kejie is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Instagram: kejie_lin33